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EA Broadcast/Eela Audio

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Horm 6,
5443, MA Happs,
The Netherlands

About EELA Audio
Digital controlled on air audio consoles / Mixers
Digitally controlled Broadcast
Audio Mixing Desk
Multipurpose Audio Mixers
Caps Automation system the computer assisted program system is designed to interface as human as possible.
On air mixer - Radio console.
Report phones
BNS Active Monitor Loudspeaker
Add-on modules for verity of studios and the range consist of signal processors, preamplifiers, headphone, distribution amplifiers and also high quality telephone hylinds both analog and digital

Product Index

Audio  Broadcast applications :

  • On Air Consoles
  • Mixing Desks
  • Audio Mixers
  • Radio Consoles portable Broadcast Audio Equipments
  • Report phones

Models :

  • Digital Controlled on air consoles s440/s340.
  • Digitallly controlled Broadcast Mixing desk desk S130.
  • Multipurpose Audio Mixers S120.
  1. On air mixer radio Console SBM 90
  2. Reportophone S20A
  3. Reportophone S24 Plus
  4. Reportomix S50
  5. EA 800 & EA 900

Features & Applications

  • Most sophisticated Analogue Broadcast mixer.
  • These mixers incorporates the facilities to combine two worlds. it can be delivered  as  straight on  air mixer or  as  general purpose.
  • A classic mixer  design  suitable  for  most  audio  production.
  • The most  popular on  air  mixer in its price range. compact  full     option included  and  vca  equipped  with :
  • Eela's  umc de type connector  for superb interfacing of all audio gear.
  • Radio Reporters  telephone unit , for economic transfer of live contribution to the studio.
  • Extended version of the S 20 and equipped with microprocessor technology.
  • Portable 4-channel battery powered mixer equipped with full -length P & G faders.
  • Add -on Modules and General  Purpose  Problem Solver.


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